Our clients rely on us to provide services in multitude of areas including:

  • Web applications and development
  • Back-End and Server side software development
  • Mobile applications, Android & Apple iOS
  • Database design and implementation
  • Web design
  • Marketing, online & offline
  • Server and network design and maintenance


Our proprietary content management system (CMS) is a software system that provides easy web site administration, content authoring and collaboration. It is oriented towards non-technical users with little or no knowledge of web programming or markup languages. Integrated, web based, admin panel provides easy and efficient way to publish, edit and modify, organize, delete and manage all aspects of a website.


Our team is highly proficient with PHP and overall object oriented concepts, design patterns and development. We have an extensive experience with client software solutions using open source PHP frameworks or our own proprietary and closed source PHP framework.

We also provide mobile applications development in association with our partners.

  • PHP, JavaScript
  • AJAX and responsive front-end HTML solutions.
    • PSD to HTML
    • HTML5 & CSS3
    • Bootstrap & jQuery
  • Client - server solutions.
  • API development and implementation.
  • Business logic back-end design and implementation.
  • Linux/Unix shell scripting for server side applications and system services.


Our database related services are usually bundled with client application development however we also provide standalone database and database server design, implementation, management and optimization.

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • ElasticSearch


We are primarily oriented toward website design featuring modern design and features, optimized for the best desktop and mobile experiences. When client needs require, we also employ part time associates who provide logo, banner, billboard and product catalog designs.


Our primary field of expertise related to marketing is in the domain of online marketing.

We also provide services related to offline marketing in association with our partners from “TOTAL ADV” & “AirMedia” companies.

  • Online Marketing
    • Facebook, Google Adwords and associated Google networks: Google Display Network, DoubleClick Ad Exchange
    • Remarketing on Facebook and Google networks
    • Overall planing of internet marketing campaigns and conversion tracking (online and offline)
    • Conversion funnel optimization and customer tracking/analytics
    • DoubleClick for Publishers ad server implementation and management
  • Offline Marketing in association with “Total ADV” & “AirMedia”
    • Video/audio production and post-production
    • 3D modeling, animation and visualization
    • Media planing, live events and video support
    • Aerial and terrestrial virtual tours, photographs and videos

Servers and network

Due to our extensive experience in IT area we also provide a wide range of IT services most of which are related to internet and online infrastructure of our clients.

  • Securing of network and server infrastructures.
  • Network design
    • Redundant and failover network design
    • BGP and multihomed networks
    • VPNs for remote access at remote offices and/or telecommuters
  • Linux servers, design, implementation, maintenance, server and infrastructure virtualization, local or remote server clouds.
  • Enterprise backup solutions for medium and enterprise class networks using industry standard solutions (Bacula Enterprise Edition and Bacula community edition). Backup solutions for servers, workstations and virtualized infrastructure including global de-duplication and "bare metal" recovery.